AlloyService LLC, supplies metal

rolling, pipes, heat-resistant,

corrosion-resistant, non-ferrous steels

We will supply steel from alloys for you:

Hastelloy, Kovar, Monel, Inconel,

Super-duplex steel SAF2507, AISI 904L,

Titanium, Tantalum, Niobium.

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Stainless steel: Sheets, Strips, Wire, Rods, Circles, Forgings, Tape, Stainless pipe, Billet, Bushing, Fasteners, Studs, Hexagon, Nozzle, Casting, Flanges made in Russia, it is possible to supply imported metal products by agreement with the customer.

Heat-resistant steels and alloys: EP410-Ш (08Х15Н5Д2Т), 20Х25Н20С2, 15Х25Т, ХН60ВТ (ЭИ868), ХН78Т (ЭИ435), ХН77ТЮР (ЭИ437Б), ЭИ698VD (ХН73МБТЮ), Х745NI (15), ХН45NI (UH) 06H15NI65 (ТН) , ХН38ВТ (ЭИ703), ХН35ВТ (ЭИ612), ЭП648ВИ, ЭИ893 (ХН65ВМТЮ), 20Х23Н18, other brands and alloys.

Corrosion-resistant and special alloys: KhN65MV, KhN65MVU (hastelloy-s 276), KhN63MB (EP758U), KhN32T, 06KHN28MDT, AISI 904L, Super-Duplex 1.4410 / UNS S 32750 / SAf-2507, Monel-400 (Nmzh-28 1.5), Monel-K500, Inconel -600/601, ERNi-1, other grades and alloys.

Non-ferrous alloys: ERNi-1, alloy 200/201, SV-08N50, NMzhMts-28-2.5-1.5 (Monel-400), PANCH-11, MNMTS 40-1.5, NP-2, NP-1, VT-1.0 and other brands.

Precision alloys: 36NHTY, 29NK (KOVAR), 49KF and other brands.

Refractory materials: Molybdenum MV-30, Zirconium, BP5 \ 20, Tantalum, Niobium and others.

The following types of work are possible to order: Casting, manufacturing of cast billets, on an ESR followed by forging at RCM and rolling at a PVP rolling mill (cross-helical rolling), drilling holes, deep holes, boring in rods of stainless and non-ferrous alloys.
We supply pipe billets: KhN78T, KhN45Yu, 29NK, 36NHTYU, KhN38VT, KhN70Yu, KhN60Yu, VT-1.0, NP-2, Monel-400 and other alloys.

We will supply seamless cracking pipes: 15X5M, 12X18H10T, 10X17H13M2T, AISI 310, KhN32T, KhN78T, KhN45Yu, KhN65MVU, 29NK, 36NHTY, KhN38VT, KhN70Yu, KhN60Yu, NP-2, Monel-400, Inconel-601, Inconel-601, Аlloy-601, Al Duplex 1.4410 \ UNS S 32750 \ 2507, SAf 2205 and other alloys. TU-14-3-520-76, GOST9941-81, TU-14-3-972-80 sizes from 2mm to 320mm.

We supply pipes + with thread, thick-walled pipes: KhN60VT, KhN65MV, VT-1.0, NP-2, KhN45Yu, KhN78T, KhN32T, etc. by the method of deep drilling or on a piercing mill with subsequent machining.

We will supply the wire of the following grades: SV-06X15H60M15 (EP367), SV-01X23H28M3D3T (EP516), AISI 904L, SV-10X16H25AM6 (EI395), SV-08X20H9G7T, SV-04X19H11M3, SV-04X19N9, -68-U 72 we will produce wire KhN65MV (EP567), according to TU-14-1-4734-89, we will produce wire KhN63MBU (EP758U), according to TU-14-1-997-74 SV-KhN60VT (EI868), according to TU-14-131- 905-969 SV-KhN77TYUR, according to TU-14-131-904-96 SV-KhN38VT (EI703) and other brands on request.

We supply electrodes in accordance with GOST 9466-75, GOST 10052-75 of the following brands: CT-28, ANZHR-1, ANZHR-2, OZL-25B, NZh-13, EA-395/9, TsL-11, TsT-15, OZL -6, according to TU-14-4-780-76 we will produce electrodes for cast iron МНЧ-2, ОЗЧ-3, ОЗЧ-4, ОЖЖН-1, ОЗЛ-32, В-56У, inconel -182 (ENiCrFe-3) and other brands.
We deliver on order: titanium sheets, wire, pipes VT-1.00, VT-1.0.

We supply equipment: heat exchangers, evaporators, separators, reactors, pressure vessels, from any materials: titanium, copper, Monel-400, Monel K-500, Hastelloy S-276, Inconel-600 \ 601, Incoloy-800, Stainless steel according to your drawings, inexpensively, efficiently, in a short time.
We produce castings using the ESR method in a chill mold according to GOST 977-88.
We will supply small batches of finished nickel rolled products from 100-250 kg, the delivery time to Moscow is from 5 to 25 days.
We will supply finished pipes AISI 904L, SAf 2205, SAf 2507 from 500 kg on order, delivery time from 20 to 30 days to Moscow.
We consider applications for alloys: Rods, Wire, Pipes, Sheets strictly from 100 kg and more, please do not send applications with smaller quantities, and it is advisable to send through prices.