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rolling, pipes, heat-resistant,

corrosion-resistant, non-ferrous steels

We will supply steel from alloys for you:

Hastelloy, Kovar, Monel, Inconel,

Super-duplex steel SAF2507, AISI 904L,

Titanium, Tantalum, Niobium.

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Sheet-Tape 21.02.2021г.     Tubes 21.02.2021     Spherical powder

Wire 21.02.2021    Circle 21.02.2021     Stock Tubes SAF2507

We offer to supply heat-resistant steels and alloys

Heat-resistant pipes: 20X25H20S2.15H25T, Inconel-601, KhN45Yu, KhN78T, KhN60VT, operating at temperatures from 1000 degrees to 13000
Corrosion-resistant pipes: KhN65MV (EP567), KhN65MVU (EP760), Hastelloy S-276; operating in aggressive environments (hydrochloric and phosphoric acid), AISI 904L, Super-Duplex SAf 2507, KhN32T, 29NK, 36NKhTYu, non-ferrous metal pipes NP-2, Monel-400 (НМжМц-28-2.5-1.5), VT-1.0 (GRADE-2), Tantalum, Niobium, Molybdenum with a diameter from 1.5 mm to 140 mm.
Bars: ХН78Т, ХН70Ю, ЭП814А (Н70МФВ), ХН77ТЮР, ХН38ВТ, ХН32Т, ХН65МВ, ЭП814А, Monel 400 (НМжМц-28-2.5-1.5), Hastelloy C-276, Hastelloy С-4, Hastelloy B-2 -3.
We offer sheets: EP410Sh (08X15H5D2T), KhN45Yu, KhN78T, KhN60VT, KhN65MVU, EP648VI, KhN38VT, NIMONIC-80A.
Wire: ХН60ВТ (ВЖ-98), ХН65МВ, ХН63МБ, ХН77ТЮР, ХН78Т, СВ-06Х15Н60М15, PANCH-11, ВР5 \ 20, NMMTSTA 26-1.5-1.1-0.5 ТУ 48-21-284-73 ф.0.8-6mm
Electrodes: ANZHR-1, ANZHR-2, TsT-28, OZL-25B, OZL-21, Inconel-182 (ENiCrFe-3) for welding high nickel steels and alloys.
Tape: EP410Sh # 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.8mm, KhN78T # 0.1x250mm, Strip KhN60VT 0.4x400mm, 0.5x400mm, Strip Monel-400 1.5x100mm, Tape Hastelloy S-276 # 0.4x400mm.

We offer seamless pipes:

Titanium pipes GRADE-2 (VT-1.0) ASTM B861, 15x25t: GOST 9941-81, 20x25n20s2: GOST 9941-81, KhN78T: TU-14-3-501-76, TU-14-3-520-76; KhN45YU: TU-14-3-1371-86; KhN65MVU: TU-14-3-1320-85; AISI 904L GOST 9941-81, NP-2: TU-48-21-783-85; 36NHTY: TU-14-3-379-75; KhN60VT: TU-14-3-571-2004; XH32T: TU-14-3-489-76; 29NK: TU-14-3-972-80; 49KF: GOST 10994-74, Tantalum: 99.5%, Monel 400 (НМЖМЦ-28-2.5-1.5), Pipes SUPER-DUPLEX 1.4410 \ UNS S 32750 \ saf 2507 GOST 9941-81, Diameters of seamless pipes from 2mm to 325mm.

We offer alloys: HASTELLOY C-276, Alloy 36H, MONEL-400, INCONEL -601, INCONEL -702, INCONEL -718, INCONEL -625, INCONEL -825, NIMONIC-75, NIMONIC-80A, NIMONIC-90 and other alloys on request.

We sell sheets of super-duplex steel (Super Duplex Steel) 1.4410 * from the availability of:





















Available from 5 to 50tn
Delivery to Moscow 10-25 days*




SAf-2507 pipes super duplex steel: 18x1.7mm 20x1.7mm 25x2mm, 30x3mm and up to 325mm. from the availability and manufacturing for 40-60 days, delivery to Moscow 10-25 days

Properties: High strength. High resistance to general, pitting, crevice corrosion, IWC, corrosion cracking, corrosion fatigue and erosion. Good weldability. Steels have an austenitic-ferritic structure. SAF 2507 - in terms of corrosion resistance it is not inferior to steels of the AISI 316 type, and almost 2 times exceeds them in strength, which allows to reduce the weight of the structure by 50%. .SAF 2507 - very high strength with corrosion resistance comparable to high alloy austenitic steels (type 6Mo).
Appointment: Pressure vessels, pipes, tanks and heat exchangers for the production, storage, transportation of various chemicals, production and transportation of gas and oil.
Fields of application: Metallurgical, chemical, oil and gas industry, offshore drilling platforms, desalination plants.

We sell AISI 904L and SAF 2507 UNS 32750 pipes from availability, from 200 kg, diameters from 20 mm to 325 mm, if not available, then for production 40-90 days, delivery to Moscow 18-28 days. At contractual prices, discounts from the volume of the order.

We offer circles, sheets, pipes, wire of the following grades: EP54, EI448, EI943, EK77, ChS108, EI844, KhN65VMBYU-VI, SANICRO-28, KhN65MVU, N65MVI, N70MFV (EP814A), KhN63MB, PT-SV, MT7M, PT7M, PT7M, 07X25H40M7 (EP673), SV-01X23H28M3D3T (EP516),
EI417, EI211, EI439, EI652, EP670, EP609SH, EP410SH, EP99ID, ChS110VI, EP878, EP868, 14X17H2, EP288, EP708VD, EP437, EP718ID, EP811, EPI-SI, IPP188, EPI18, EPI18 ChS5U-ID, EI612-VD, EP220VD, EP310Sh, EP817Sh, EI946, EP678UVD, EI698VD, EI654, EI481, 29NK, 49KF, 36NHTY,
EP877, EP915, EP648, EI617, EP533, ZhS6U, ZhS6K, EP659-A and others.
We respond to applications upon official request, strictly from a legal entity.*

We consider applications for high-nickel alloys: Rods, Wire, Pipes, Sheets strictly from 100 kg and more, send your passing prices.