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Useful articles

Heat-resistant steel for thermal furnaces: These include the most commonly used heat-resistant steels and alloys.


Inconel-601 alloy is a heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant material based on chromium-nickel with high electrical resistance and resistance to high temperature oxidation from 1100° to 1250°. It is used in metallurgy, mechanical engineering, petrochemicals for the manufacture of heating elements, radiant pipes, trays, baskets for industrial heating , covers for thermocouples.

KhN45Yu alloy (EP747), it is heat-resistant steel on an iron-nickel basis, its main properties are long-term operation at temperatures of 1250-1300°. Production of slit furnace rollers, furnace conveyor grids, burner parts, thermocouple covers.

Alloy ХН78Т (ЭИ435), this is heat-resistant steel on a chromium-nickel basis, is used for lightly loaded critical parts with an operating temperature of 1000-1100°. Production of flame tubes, combustion chambers, ducts, covers for thermocouples.

Alloy 20X25H20C2 (EI283) is a heat-resistant steel used for lightly loaded parts with an operating temperature of 600-1050° in combustion chambers, ducts, and flame tubes.

Fechral Seamless Heat Resistant Pipe (FeCrAl)


Seamless heat-resistant pipes Fehral Kh23Yu5T, Kh23Yu5 and other FeCrAl grades: diameters from 100mm to 200mm, wall from 5mm to 40mm, length from 300mm to 1000mm, operating at a working temperature of up to 1400°, are used for the manufacture of tube furnaces, retort furnaces (tubular, shaft ), radiant tube furnaces, radiant convection tube furnaces, continuous tube furnaces for heat treatment of wire, rods, parts, tubular gas burners, furnace rollers, compact furnaces for melting aluminum, copper, in any medium (air, hydrogen, vacuum).
Such a furnace can be made at home, using a welding machine, pipe, insulation, fechral wire, and a sheet for the furnace body (casing) (220 / 380V).

Advantages of fechral seamless pipes over other heat-resistant alloys *:
The highest temperature. The maximum working temperature is 1400
°. Melting point is 1500°.
High heat load potential. At a furnace temperature of 1250
°, the load can be more than 2 times higher than when using heat-resistant pipes.
Long service life. When heated, Fechral X23U5T alloy forms a layer of aluminum oxide (Al2O3). This protects the alloy from further corrosion and increases the service life compared to simple heat-resistant pipes.
No carburization. Alumina protects the alloy from carburization in an atmosphere with high carbon potential. X23U5T fechral alloy resists coking and metal abrasion.
Less maintenance. The oxide layer does not crack, therefore it does not peel and does not contaminate the pipe, heating element or gas burner. No need to stop production for pipe cleaning. Outside the pipe, the oxide layer also does not peel, therefore, does not pollute the products in the furnace.
Lack of weak areas. Pipes are seamless, seamless, made of hot rolled (forged circles) and do not have such potential foci of destruction as in welded pipes.
Low weight Pipes weigh less than heat resistant pipes of the same size. Specific gravity 7.21 g / cm3

Let's make small parties, from 10 kg and more under the order.

Corrosion resistant alloys include the most commonly used alloys.


Hastelloy С-276 alloy or its Russian analogue KhN65MV (EP567), KhN65MVU (EP760), are alloys with a high content of nickel, chromium, molybdenum, tungsten. The scope of the tank, heat exchangers, parts operating in aggressive environments, sulfuric and hydrochloric acids and phosphoric acid. This material is available in the form of pipes, rods, sheets, wire, hexagons, bolts, studs.

Super-Duplex SAf 2507 UNS S32750 EN 1.4410 alloy. This is a super-duplex stainless steel with very good resistance to chloride corrosion, combined with very high mechanical strength, SAf 2507 is particularly well used in aggressive environments such as warm chlorinated seawater and acidic, chloride-containing environments. Good weldability, excellent resistance to corrosion fatigue. Application: It is used for the manufacture of heat exchangers, coolers and devices in oil refining, fertilizers, paper production, oil, chemical industry, shipbuilding, aviation, energy.

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