AlloyService LLC, supplies metal

rolling, pipes, heat-resistant,

corrosion-resistant, non-ferrous steels.

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About Company

Welcome to our website!

We are a company that performs tasks on time!


As soon as possible, we conscientiously supply enterprises in Russia and the CIS. Our main advantage is that we sell goods from the availability of our partners' available goods in our warehouses in Russia, Europe and China.*

Delivery time to our warehouse from Europe and China (3 to 7 days by plane), (16 to 28 days by train from China).

Our experienced specialists have been working in the field of logistics and equipment companies since 1999. *

Why should you contact us? Since we have experience and knowledge gained from the daily practice of the competent use of regulatory and technical documentation and frequent consultations with technical specialists in the field of metallurgy and metal processing. At any time, we can provide you with good advice on choosing a particular product!
Among our regular partners and suppliers there are large metallurgical plants in Russia, China and large traders with large volumes of metal products of various alloys and grades in warehouses.
Under the order we will provide you with the necessary metal products: Heat-resistant steel, Alloy steel and alloys, Special alloys, various metal alloys used in Energy, Mechanical engineering, Aviation, Shipbuilding, Metallurgy, Chemical industry, Instrument-making and many other industries. (all products are certified *)

We can deliver in the shortest possible time heat-resistant steels and alloys of various grades:

Heat-resistant alloys: 20Х25Н20С2, 15Х25Т, ХН60М (ЭП367), ХН60ВТ (ЭИ868), ХН45Ю (ЭП747), ХН78Т (ЭИ435), ХН77ТЮР (ЭИ437Б), ХН38ВТ (ЭИ703), ХН35ВИУ ), Hastella S-276, Hastella V-2, Hastella V-3, Hastella S, Hastella S-22, Hastella S-4, Alloy 718, Alloy-825, Alloy-625, Alloy-200/201 and other steel grades.

Non-ferrous alloys: NMZhMts-28-2.5-1.5 (Monel-400), NP-2, VT-1.00 and other alloys.

Corrosion-resistant alloys: KhN65MV, KhN65MVU (hastelloy S-276), KhN63MB (EP758U), Inconel-600, Inconel-601, ERNi-1, SV-08N50, Super-Duplex Steel SAf-2507, UNS-32750.

Precision alloys: 29NK (Kovar), 36NKhTYu, 79NM, 49KF and others.

Refractory metals: Molybdenum TsM2A, MV-30, BP5 \ 20, Tantalum, Niobium and other alloys.
Special Information for Customers:

We will supply a pipe billet made of the following steels and alloys: 36НХТЮ, ХН45Ю, ХН78Т, NP-2, Monel 400, VT-1.0, ХН60ВТ, ХН65МВ and other special alloys, on a piercing hot rolling mill or by deep drilling.
We will supply thick-walled pipes: 20X25H20S2, KhN45Yu, KhN60VT, KhN65MV, NP-2 (by deep drilling method)
We supply doped seamless pipes of grades: 36NKHTY, KhN45YU, KhN78T, KhN65MVU, KhN65MV, NP-2.29NK, Monel 400 (NMZhMTs-28-2.5-1.5) and other alloys according to GOST 9941-81 and TU 14-3-520-76.


We supply welding wire in accordance with GOST 2246-70 of the following grades: SV-06X15H60M15 (EP367), SV-01X23N28M3D3T (EP516), Sv-10X16H25AM6 (EI395). Sv-08Kh20N9G7T, Sv-04Kh19N9, Sv-06Kh19N9T, Sv-04Kh19N11M3 according to TU-14-1-683-72 we will produce wire KhN65MV (EP567), PANCH-11 1.2mm, according to TU-14-1-997-74 we will produce wire SV-KhN60VT (EI868), KhN63MB, Hastelloy S-276, Hastelloy-B2, Hastelloy V-3, Hastelloy S and other brands.

We supply welding electrodes in accordance with GOST 9466-75, GOST 10052-75 of the following grades: CT-28, OZL-25B, ANZHR-1, ANZHR-2, EA-395/9, TsL-11, TsT-15, NZh-13, OZL-17U, NIAT-5, according to TU-14-4-780-76 we will produce electrodes for cast iron MNCh-2, OZCh-3, OZCh-4, OZZHN-1 and other brands on order.

We supply equipment to order: Heat exchangers / Reactors / Pressure vessels / Separators, / Clad tower, of any materials: Titanium, Stainless, Nickel and Nickel alloys: Monel-400, Monel K-500, Hastelloy, Inconel-600 \ 601, Alloy -200/201 and other steel.

We deliver on order: Hire from Super-Duplex Steel SAf 2507 UNS S 32750 (EN 1.4410), SAf 2205 UNS S32205 (EN 1.4462) in the form of Pipes, Rods, Wire, Sheets inexpensively, efficiently, in a short time.

product_adf65d12Delivery of metal products is carried out by convenient logistics lines and as soon as possible.